On Two Tenor Ballads:

“…the voice of confidence…”

John Uhl, DownBeat


On Aztec Blues:

“If it is indeed a contest, Shull would walk away with the prize.”

Jon Morgan, Cadence


On Deep Passion:

“His arpeggios will rough you up one moment, heal your wounds the next.”

Owen Cordle, Downbeat


“…unlike most young tenorists today, his style cannot be pigeonholed as a follower

of a particular musician.”

Shirley Klett, Cadence


“His chief attributes include that ability to swing at a relaxed tempo… a superbly

resonant tone… ability to build tension… and some nice burred edges on the slow

ones… a fine, and in some places, soul-stirring performance.”

David Badham, Jazz Journal


“…a relentlessly swinging style…”

Neil Tesser, Chicago Reader


On In the Land of the Tenor:

“A first-rate saxophonist who distinguishes himself throughout In the Land of the

Tenor with taste and a burly, blues-drenched tone.”

Steve Futterman, Rolling Stone


“…from Sonny Rollins…add a mixture of fashionable and unfashionable influences

like Sonny Stitt, Lucky Thompson, and Ben Webster and you get a brawny style that

shoulders its way through an interesting programme…”

Chris Sheridan, The Manchester Guardian Jazz Magazine


Live Reviews:

” Tad Shull, an ebullient tenor saxophonist, generates excitement whenever he comes

billowing up from his seat to solo.”

John S. Wilson, The New York Times


“…A fat tenor tone, an intense vibrato and an unabashedly caressing, legato approach to

phrasing proved that he had mastered the vintage idioms he so admires … Shull’s solos

proved unpredictable,with unexpected pauses, unusual phrase lengths, and a restless

rhythmic vocabulary.”

Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune