AUDIO (Live at Smalls Jazz Club)

Out of this World (with Rob Schneiderman, Paul Sikivie, Joe Strasser)

Moment’s Notice (same personnel)

Black Nile (same personnel except Paul Gill replaces Paul Sikivie)

Pentacostal Feelin’ (same personnel)

AUDIO (Excerpts from Criss-Cross Records albums)

Night Horse (From “In the Land of the Tenor”)

I Keep Going Back To Joe’s (From “In the Land of the Tenor”)

This Is New (From “In the Land of the Tenor”)

Aztec Blues (From “Aztec Blues”)

Prey-Loot (From “In the Land of  the Tenor”)

VIDEO (Live Performances)

The Breakthrough (Live at Smalls Jazz Club)

Tenderly (Live at the Center for Jazz Studies)

Soul Station (Live at Smalls Jazz Club)

Isotope and The Breeze and I (Live at Smalls Jazz Club)

Tadzilla’s Revenge (Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival)